Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Look On the Bright Side....

Much has been said these past weeks with regards to Superstorm Sandy. For many folks, our library was (and still IS in some cases) a safe haven during what was a dark and scary time. Luckily our beautiful building maintained power and provided a sense of relief, normalcy, and even a good source of entertainment to our patrons. We were packed to the rafters with folks charging up, reading books, chatting with neighbors, and simply keeping warm. We watched, day in and day out, as families from all over made Syosset Public Library their "home away from home". Days without power, turned into more than a week when we were sucker-punched with a n'oreaster and a gas shortage. Frustration and helplessness were becoming tangible.

It's two weeks today that we opened after the storm. The line of people outside waiting to come in is gone. There is no one sitting on the floor. There are empty outlets everywhere. No one is sharing tables. And dare I say it.... it's a bit QUIET in this library.

Sandy had a bright side. Not everyone will see it just yet but it's true. Sandy brought new faces into our library. She brought children together outside of their classroom. Parents met one another face to face. Children read books  (no charging required). Adults read with their children. Children read aloud to their parents. People talked to one another. They shared stories while they shared a powerstrip.  They lunched in the cafe and were loud in the stairwells. The Children's Room was busting its seams and energized in a way it hasn't been before. Sure it was bananas, but it wasn't all bad.

I hope that those who discovered us in the dark, will remember us even when they are fully charged and the lights are on. We really enjoyed meeting you.

-Posted by Nadine

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